A creative raw showcase inspired by the Scottish Hebrides - of cold seas,  long horizons, weather & lonely skies


Blinks of sunshine.  Sunset nets, casting for silver shoals away & out on the water.  My heart & camera travelling with them, immersed in this cold, running tide of Atlantic sea.  

My Daily Raw Swim gifts me for 20-30 mins each day of the year, without wetsuit or any gear, save that of my camera, into an incredible daily raw experience of light & tide.  It is every artist & photographer's dream.  The spirit of my journey - to capture a glimpse of the fleeting wild beauty of air, sea, wind & tide.      

Taim MacBain: My Daily Raw Swim, Cold Running Tides - Photograpy & Art



Bare skin, cold tides, camera.  Every day of the year.  Ahead of first light, dawn, gloaming & night time.  A unique journey into the waves & wilds of the Scottish Hebrides & cold Atlantic seas ...

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A simple studio space.  Step inside, out of the wilds & into the warm - browse at your leisure ...

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