Sunrise Ringing Out, Hard as a Bell

Dawn.  Sunrise.  A new swim, north of Kilheran shores.  07.06, 4.21m high tide.  Off a rock shelf.  Into the deep water.  Temperatures ringing out, hard as a bell.  Sunrise 08.20.  2 degrees out.  Prickling, tingling cold in.  Hot flask of tea.  Steaming.  Hands wrapped about, warmth.  Lost swim hat back, on my head.  Above, a waxing moon.  In zodiac Aquarius.  This quiet universe, flowing out & on.  Map & patterning behind & beyond. All afoot, so fleeting here.  Such change, unpredictable times.  Sitting here on the water.  Against the mountains, rising sun, falling moon & empty sky.  Stillness, gold circling all.  My Daily Raw Swim, Cold Running Tides.