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Take time.  Out.  Reconnect.  With Yourself.  Nature.  Family.  Friends.  Your Life Path.  Learn.  How To Live Simple.  To Dream Again.  How to Manifest Your Inner Vision.  

To Live Raw.  More Simply.  


Supported by Integrated Alternative & Natural Medicine, & Organic Therapies including Traditional Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, Eastern Energetics & Western Massage, Yoga, Meditation/Mindfulness & Healing retreats, workshops, short courses & holidays.  The Raw Simple Life Breaks also offer a range of Holistic Crofting & Animal Husbandry.  

One-to-one retreats also available.   

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Tell your friends and family. Reconnect with your own inner voice.  There's no better way to make change than to become an active advocate yourself.  And to pass it on.  

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