All photography provided by Taim MacBain

A very warm welcome to the Lismore Art & Wild Photography Studio Gallery.  Designed to create a natural home for the rich creative process & output, resulting from daily experiencing the Scottish Atlantic sea.  Bare skin,   every day, as the sun, moon & earth rolls through this year of tide.

My Daily Raw Swim, Cold Running Tides.



An inspirational, aesthetic & sensory journey, of daily cold immersion into the moving Atlantic sea.  Up close with tides, wind, weather, shifting landscape, wildlife & at all times of each day - first light, early dawn, morning, noon, afternoon, gloaming & night.  Recording these natural impressions in all their raw beauty, across a range of creative media & poetry.

Bare skin, cold tides & always a film or stills camera in hand - regardless of fast dropping temperatures, storms, currents, waves - has led of moments of such incredible beauty, it was sometimes hard to create a distance, or to position myself behind the lens.  On the way home, rocks, pebbles, driftwood, all the ebb & flow of the tides of the day, these have all formed small pieces of this creative translation.  It is one I hope you will enjoy ...

What is this sea but a natural rhythm, cadence, voice & beauty. A physical metaphysical metaphor of life. A robust personality that can bind or free us as we choose. Connecting to this, is like losing our self to a deeper wildness. Like diving deep into depthless water. Some kind of poetry that runs through each of us. Beyond self or time. It is about going beyond. Into the stillness. Into the blue. And finding ourselves at last...